The Vice-Chancellor Prof. A. G Daramola, the Chief Executive Officer of the University heads this Unit. Accordingly, the office handles all matters relating to the internal and external administration and interests of the University.



  The office:

  • maintains constant focus on the vision and mission of the university.
  • coordinates and supervises all academic and non-academic activities in the university.
  • acts as a channel of communication between the governing council and the university.
  • maintains external relations between the university and the media as well as other governmental bodies/agencies at both local and international levels.
  • ensures the welfare of both staff and students as well as industrial harmony within the university community.
  • facilitates the approval of and release of funds in line with the approved budget of the university.
  • coordinates and supervises the following units of the university administration:
    • Students Affairs Division
    • Directorate of Internal Audit
    • Directorate of Physical Planning
    • Directorate of Academic Planning
    • Management Information System (M.I.S.)
    • Information, Protocol, and Passages Unit
    • Legal Unit
    • Equipment Maintenance Centre
    • Industrial Training Unit
    • Computer Resource Centre
    • Centre for Research & Development
    • Development and Alum ni Relations Unit

Arms of the Office

There are two major arms of the office. The main/central office of the Vice-Chancellor and the sub-units listed above.

Within the central (main) office are seasoned administrative and secretarial staff who facilitate the strategic and routine duties of the Vice-Chancellor. The office also carries out other oversight functions in terms of facilitating the assignments of university committees, directorates and units.